Using the most relevant information, and cutting edge technology, we guide our clients through the home selling and buying process with integrity, reliability, and professionalism. DSR Group is reason enough to sell your home in the Durham Region today.

We are the best at what we do, and for good reason. Here’s why you need to work with us:

Connected and Experienced

When it comes to volume, no other team sells like we do. Walid Dorani is the #1 individual producer, in terms of volume, in the largest brokerage east of Toronto. For that reason, selling a house with us is only a pleasure and never a chore. The sheer number of transactions we have performed puts us in a privileged position. We’ve done the deals, we’ve worked with everyone, and we understand the market better than anyone else.

Organized and Responsive

An agent’s time should be spent taking action to sell your home- networking, negotiating, and discussing your property with potential buyers. DSR Group utilizes the skills of every team member so that everyone is focused on their specific duties. We have fantastic support staff to ensure smooth business operations and allow the agent to have primary focus on what they do best- the sale of the home! Our support staff orders signs, get keys cut, prepares feature sheets, and much more. Our excellent teamwork and organization help us achieve the ultimate goal of getting our clients the deal that’s best for them!

Strategic and Effective

Successfully selling a house isn’t just about putting it up and waiting for offers to pour in – a home still needs to impress potential buyers. We market our properties aggressively, with social media, professional photography, staging, and “Coming Soon” campaigns. Based on how we work, people are interested in your property well before it even hits the market. Here’s what we offer, in 7 simple steps:

1Staging Consultation

Small changes can make a world of difference to a buyer, and can help a home sell twice as fast. Together, we’ll work to transform your home into a sanctuary for prospective buyers.

2Pre-Listing Preparations

Through pre-listing networking and a “Coming Soon” campaign, our team will build anticipation and demand for your listing – before it even hits the market.

3Leveraging Digital Channels

Our goal is to capitalize on all online traffic, which we accomplish by highlighting your listing above others and ensuring it’s seen by your target market.

4Creating Appeal

We’ve partnered with some of the best real estate photographers and videographers in the industry, which means your property will get a suite of high-quality professional photos and videos.

5Leverage Social Media

The power of the internet has changed the way people buy real estate, and we use this to ensure that we get your listing in front of every relevant buyer in the market.

6Continued Promotion and Listing Perfection

We keep your listing top-of-mind for buyers after our launch date, we do this by rearranging your listing photos bi-weekly, to refresh it on over 20,000 websites, networking your listing at weekly sales meeting, and following up with showings for meaningful feedback.

7Negotiations and Next Steps

We work to negotiate the best terms and conditions for you. Even after closing, you can count on us to be there if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns – we are your real estate advisors for life!

Better Service, Better Sales

The Durham Region is comprised of many different communities. Each with their own sense of culture and unique features. Being knowledgeable in each area is critical for the selling process and requires an experienced team.

We have that knowledge and we are that team.

No surprises, no stress, we know Durham and we know how to sell your home.

Now all you have to do is fill out this form, give us a call at 647-321-8150, or send us an e-mail at From that point forward, you’ll be in good hands.

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We Are Team Dorani

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