The Community

Whitby real estate is divided into two distinct areas: an area to the north that skews more rural, and an area to the south that acts as the economic hub of the community. As such, the area closer to the waterfront is the one that is teeming with life and excitement. Living in Whitby is where people can have the same comforts of the big city, without the overwhelming amount of people. Not only is it easy to escape to cottage country here, it’s just as easy to make a day trip – or commute – into Downtown Toronto.

The Homes

Due to the influx of growth in the area, you can find a bit of everything when it comes to Whitby real estate. There are waterfront condos, newly-built townhomes, detached family homes, and even rural farmland. This type of variety is complemented by the existence of the Highways 401 and 407, which means that they are both accessible and affordable.

The Highlight

Like so many of the communities in the Durham Region, Whitby is really coming into its own as a place where new ideas can be fostered and can thrive. One of these is the craft beer scene in the area, with the Brock Street Brewing Company and the 5 Paddles Brewing Company being welcome additions to the community. This shows that living in Whitby isn’t just a place for passing through, it’s a place where ideas can thrive and you can really lay down some roots.

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