The Community

Newcastle might not be the biggest – it is a village, after all – but residents have a definite sense of pride about where they live. There are farmer’s markets, plenty of parks, historic buildings and churches, and lots more to see here. People love to get together, and they love to support the community. If you want to shake hands with the person who pulled your ingredients out of the ground, living in Newcastle is for you.

The Homes

There are waterfront beach homes and condos, townhomes and detached homes in residential areas – Newcastle real estate has a distinct small-town feeling, and that certainly applies to the real estate options. Not only do you feel more connected to nature, but you also feel connected to your neighbours. If you want to live somewhere where you can join in on an area’s growth, this must be the place.

The Highlight

When you’re living in Newcastle, you get to be close to one of the province’s best marinas – the Port of Newcastle marina. You can spend your days sailing out on Lake Ontario while taking in the beauty of the waterfront at the same time.

Looking to live in Newcastle

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